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Map of the Archdiocese (pdf)
County Map of the Archdiocese
Region Map of the Archdiocese
Deanery Map of the Archdiocese

Episcopal Regions

Region I • Most Reverend John J. McIntyre
Region II • Reverend Monsignor Michael T. McCulken
Region III • Most Reverend Timothy C. Senior Auxiliary Bishop (Reverend Monsignor Daniel J. Kutys, Vicar)
Region IV • Most Reverend Michael J. Fitzgerald


Deanery 1 • Reverend Monsignor William C. Kaufman
Deanery 2 • Reverend Monsignor Hans A.L. Brouwers
Deanery 3 • Reverend Michael Fitzpatrick
Deanery 4 • Reverend Stephen F. Leva
Deanery 5 • Reverend Monsignor Joseph J. Nicolo
Deanery 6 • Reverend Martin T. Cioppi
Deanery 7 • Reverend Monsignor Charles P. Vance
Deanery 8 • Reverend Joseph J. Kelley
Deanery 9 • Reverend Msgr. Federico A. Britto
Deanery 10 • Reverend Monsignor John C. Marine
Deanery 11 • Reverend John F. Babowitch
Deanery 12 • Reverend Efren V. Esmilla