Periodically reviewing and revising the Parish Mission Statement is a function of a Parish Pastoral Council. The following is one possible way to do this:

1. Review the Parish Mission Statement in light of the description given in the introduction to this section of the Resource Manual: 

A Parish Mission Statement is a concise expression of a parish’s purpose for existence. It helps the parish identify itself as a community of faith and set broad goals. It responds to the questions: Who are we as a parish? What do we value? What do we seek to become as a parish community? The Parish Mission Statement is rooted in the mission of  the universal church and the Archdiocesan Mission Statement. 

As an initial element of pastoral planning, the Mission Statement is to be inspirational, motivational and give overall direction for parish activities. It explains the reasons why a parish exists with words that are simple, clear, and meaningful to the people of the parish. It is meant to be understood and used by the parish community as it strives to be faithful to the mission entrusted by Christ: “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all of creation”. (Mark 16:15) 

2. Compare your existing Parish Mission Statement to the Archdiocesan Mission Statement, noting similarities and differences. For example:
How does your existing Mission Statement express that through Baptism and Confirmation all members of the parish are called to exercise both their right and responsibility to participate in the life and mission of the Church?

How does your existing Mission Statement express your parish’s commitment to worship, creating and nurturing Christian community, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, teaching the saving message of Christ, and serving our sisters and brothers, particularly the poor and needy? Does it specifically mention the name of Jesus?

3.    Consider what the options are for your existing Parish Mission Statement. For example:

  • Continue to use the existing Mission Statement.
  • Revise the existing Parish Mission Statement
  • Develop a process to prepare a new Parish Mission Statement. 

4.     Decide what you will do through a consensus process and prayerful reflection.

5.     Share what you have decided about the Parish Mission

Statement with the various committees/organizations and parishioners.

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