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Episcopal Regions

Region I • Most Reverend John J. McIntyre
Region II • Reverend Monsignor Michael T. McCulken
Region III • Most Reverend Timothy C. Senior Auxiliary Bishop (Reverend Monsignor Daniel J. Kutys, Vicar)
Region IV • Most Reverend Michael J. Fitzgerald


Deanery 1 • Reverend Monsignor William C. Kaufman
Deanery 2 • Reverend Monsignor Hans A.L. Brouwers
Deanery 3 • Reverend Michael Fitzpatrick
Deanery 4 • Reverend Stephen F. Leva
Deanery 5 • Reverend Monsignor Joseph J. Nicolo
Deanery 6 • Reverend Martin T. Cioppi
Deanery 7 • Reverend Monsignor Charles P. Vance
Deanery 8 • Reverend Joseph J. Kelley
Deanery 9 • Reverend Msgr. Federico A. Britto
Deanery 10 • Reverend Monsignor John C. Marine
Deanery 11 • Reverend John F. Babowitch
Deanery 12 • Reverend Efren V. Esmilla

Summary of Responses to Pastoral Reports

Parish Demographics (Registered Population, Household, Race and Ethnicity)

Hispanic Catholic Population (.pdf)
Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, Dominican, and Other Hispanic Population

Languages Spoken at Home (.pdf)
Primary Language Spoken at Home and the Estimate of Number of Parishioners Speaking the Language

Registered Catholic Households (is now on the Stewardship Report) (.pdf)
Registered Households, Number of Envelopes Received on A Typical Sunday and Number of Households Using E-giving.

Registered Parishioners (Population) (.pdf)
Registered Population and Pastor’s Estimate of Unregistered Population

Various Race and Ethnic Backgrounds of Catholic Population
Black: African, African American, Haitian, Other (.pdf)

Asian categories, and American Indian and Hawaiian Pacific Islander (.pdf)

Ethnic or National Groups who use the Church regularly for Mass (.pdf)

Education (P.R.E.P. (CCD), Adult Faith)

Adult Faith Formation Programs (.pdf)
Adult Sacraments, Knowledge of Faith, Liturgical Life, Moral Formation, Prayer, Communal Life, Missionary Spirit

CCD Instructors- Vocation and Grade Level (.pdf)
Pre School, Elementary, Junior High, and High School

Number of students: During Academic Year, Summer Program, Disabled (phys. or mentally)
Number of students: During Academic Year, Summer Program, Disabled (phys. or mentally)

Parish School Age Population (.pdf)
Elementary, Junior High, Senior High, Other Schools: Catholic/ Public and Private non-Catholic enrollment as reported in Pastoral Report

Institutions (Within Parish Boundaries, Those that are in the care of the Parish)

Catholic Institutions within Parish Boundaries (.pdf)

Institutions for which Parish has Pastoral Care and Responsibility (.pdf)

Parish Activities and Organizations

Parish Basic Needs Assistance (.pdf)
Cash Assistance for: Funerals, Utilities and Prescriptions. Clothing Drive Collections, HOPE Programs, Fundraising for Social Ministries, Gift or Toy Collection Programs, Sister Parish Cooperation

Parish Behavioral Health and Health-Related Services (.pdf)
Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Nursing and Health Ministry, Health Support Groups, Blood Drives, Bereavement Programs

Parish Education and Enrichment Services (.pdf)
Pastoral Care for Migrants and Refugees, Literacy Programs, Child Care Programs, Head Start, CARES Extended school day, Abstinence Education, Marriage Promotion programs

Parish Food and Housing Services (.pdf)
Feeding Programs: Soup Kitchens, Home Food Delivery, Food Cupboard at Parish, Food Collections for others, Habitat for Humanity, Home Mortgage Assistance

Parish Organizations(.pdf)
Parish Organizations Active in the Last Year and Frequency of Meeting

Parish Pastoral Council (.pdf)
Number of PPC Meetings Held

Parish Social Ministry Summary (.pdf)
Number of People in the Parish who are Involved in Providing the Service of Charity to Others and the Number who are Served.

Parish Social Support and Pregnancy Service (.pdf)
Services for: Unemployed, Homemaker Services, Homebound Seniors, Transportation Ride, Tuition Assistance; Newborn and Mother Support, Counseling: Parenting, Prenatal Care, Support for those Affected by Abortion.

Parish Socialization and Neighborhood Services (.pdf)
Camps, CYO Social Ministry Programs, Senior Citizen Programs, Community Organization, Other Socialization and Neighborhood Services

Parish Staff (Worship, Stewardship, Administrative, Teaching, etc.)

Parish Staff: Service, Evangelization, Teaching (.pdf)
Parish Services Director, RCIA Director, Director/Coordinator of Religious Ed., Coordinator of Parish Youth Ministry, Parish Social Worker, Parish Nurse

Parish Staff: Stewardship, Administrative, and Domestic (.pdf)
Parish Business Manager, Accounting/Bookkeeper for Stewardship, Administrative Staff, Domestic Staff

Parish Staff: Worship (.pdf)
Director of Liturgy, Director of Music/Choir, Organist/Musician, Sacristan/Sexton

Parish Stewardship

Stewardship Report (.pdf)
Number of Envelopes, E-giving and Other Activities

Programs for People With Any Long-Lasting Conditions

Parish participation by parishioners with long-lasting conditions(.pdf)
Number of parishioners with long-lasting conditions participating in the liturgical ministries or parish committee

Parish programs for people with long-lasting conditions (.pdf)
Parish sponsored spiritual or social programs designed specifically for persons with long-lasting conditions


Parishioners Pursuing Vocations (.pdf)
Seminary for Philadelphia and Other Seminaries, Formation for Religious Communities, Deacon Formation, and Religious Brother and Sister