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Welcome to the Employee Benefits Page of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Open Enrollment is April 25-May 31It’s dangerous for Assisi to go through these benefits alone. Help him choose the best options. Move him by holding down the W,A,S or D keys on your keyboard. Whenever you see a signpost, make him touch it to open a message.

Open Enrollment Presentations

It’s that time of year when employees are able to make changes to their benefits if they choose. The official start of the open enrollment period is Monday, April 25th and the effective date for any benefit changes will be for July 1st. If you missed any presentations during open enrollment week or would like to view the presentations again the available recordings are below:

Vanguard “Financial Freedom”[email protected]

Cooking Demonstration “Quick, Easy, Fresh Recipes: Meals in Minutes”

IBC presentation

Triben “Voluntary Benefits”

AON “Supporting Employee Mental Health and Resilience During Challenging Times”

AON: Supporting Employee Mental Health and Resilience During Challenging Times

Benefits Overview

If you are a lay employee of a parish, incorporated agency, or other participating institution of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, you may be eligible for the benefits plans described below.

Before you enroll or change your elections, we encourage you to review the Benefits Guide and this website carefully. Learn what each plan offers. Take time to think about the future—whether that’s next year or 30 years from now.

Health Benefits

If you are a lay employee of a parish, incorporated agency, or other participating institution of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, you may be eligible for the medical, vision and dental benefits plans. Before you enroll or change your elections, we encourage you to review the information on the available health benefits plans and learn what each plan offers.

Enrollment Forms and Information

Benefits Guide
Enrollment FormHealthEquity Website
Freestanding Vision Plan Enrollment FormHealthEquity Member Guide


Every day, you contribute to the continued success of the mission of the Church. Your well-being is important. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia offers programs to assist you in your journey towards healthier living:

Employee Assistance Program

The Penn Behavioral Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers you and your dependents free confidential counseling to help with a range of issues, such as anxiety, stress, parenting or relationship concerns, or grief. If available at your location, the EAP has three components:

  • Access to a confidential toll-free number 24-hours a day, 7-days a week where you can speak directly to a master’s level counselor who will help answer questions and direct you to therapists within our EAP network.
  • No Cost Counseling Services for you and your eligible dependents through a network of high-quality EAP providers located at offices near you.
  • Follow Up and Appropriate Referrals for ongoing counseling needs.

The online portal,, provides information about work/life issues, such as child care and education, eldercare, health and wellness, and more. Resources include articles, videos, podcasts, calculators, interactive calculators, and webinars (use Code PH002).

For more information about EAP services, call 888-321-4433, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week or online at

Income Protection Benefits


Discounts and Offers

All Forms and Documents

Benefits Information

Medical/Vision Benefits (Options vary by location)

Dental Benefits (Options vary by location)

Voluntary Protection Benefits (Options vary by location)

Other Benefits (Options vary by location)

403(b) Retirement Plan

Legal Notices / Summary Plan Descriptions



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Fax: 215-587-3572
Email: [email protected]

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    Assisi likes to sneak into small spaces, and today that works to his advantage. WALK OVER THE BLUE DROPDOWN BOXES BELOW (or just click on them) to open up their content. Some of them may reveal signposts like these, which give you info about Assisi and let you pick his benefits. There are no right or wrong choices - we'll announce which benefits got suggested the most after the Open Enrollment period. By the way, TO CLOSE A SIGN'S MESSAGE, CONTINUE USING THE W,A,S OR D KEYS TO MOVE PAST.

    A little hint along your way: the main signposts begin showing up in the 'Health Benefits' section below, where Assisi has some choices to make.

    Assisi's primary care vet is in all major networks. He's in generally good health but his superior began asking him to make regular office visits after a near run-in with a Philadelphia Segway tour put him on a prescription for high blood pressure. SELECT ONE OPTION BELOW BY CLICKING ON IT WITH YOUR MOUSE.

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    Assisi is sort of a klutz, but not quite an 'Accidental Death & Dismemberment' klutz. He works indoors away from natural predators which does wonders for life expectancy. And finally, having taken a vow of celibacy, he has no dependents. CHOOSE ANY OPTION(S).

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