March 18, 2020

Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez Releases Video Pastoral Messages As Part Of The Ongoing Pastoral And Temporal Response Of The Archdiocese To The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

As part of the ongoing pastoral and temporal response of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has dramatically impacted our lives and our communities, Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez has released a series of pastoral messages via social media and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s (AOP) special COVID-19 resource page.

Links to the videos can be found below.

Pastoral Messages from Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez in the Wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The pastoral and temporal response of the AOP to the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve as this public health concern develops. Over the last several weeks, the AOP has issued a series of statements about proactive efforts taken to prevent the spread of the illness. These statements have outlined how the landscape of the AOP has been altered to ensure the health and welfare of those entrusted to the pastoral and temporal care of our Church.

Archbishop Pérez said “While things may look and feel different during these uncertain times, I want to be very clear that the Catholic Church in Philadelphia is not closing down. It is NOT disappearing and it will not abandon those who rely on it.

God is always by our side. He never abandons us. I invite you to join me in prayerful solidarity during this uncertain time. I remind you to keep your eyes fixed on the outstretched arms of Christ the crucified and Christ the merciful and to encounter others with charity and understanding.

Let us pray for the sick, suffering, and their caregivers as well as government and health officials. With God’s grace and blessing, we will navigate the difficult waters of this challenge as a united human family, for after all is said and done, we are people of Hope!”


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