St. Stanislaus (Polish) (1891-2006)

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Founded: 1891
Address: 240 Fitzwater St.
Rectory Phone: 215-468-1922
Other Parish Information: Spiritual records are kept at St. Philip Neri Church, Philadelphia.

Worship site for St. Philip Neri Parish, Philadelphia.

Mass Times: Vigil Mass, Saturdays, 4:30 PM (at St. Philip Neri). Sundays, 8:30 (at St. Stanislaus), 11 AM (at St. Philip Neri). Vigil Mass, Holydays, 7 PM (at St. Philip Neri). Holydays, 7:30 AM. Weekdays, Monday through Wednesday, 7:30 AM (at St. Stanislaus). Thursday and Friday, 7:30 AM (at St. Philip Neri). Saturday, 8 AM (at St. Philip Neri).
Confessions: Sundays, 8:15 AM.

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