Byzantine Ukrainian Ritual Church

Metropolitan Archeparchy of Philadelphia for Byzantine Ukrainian Catholics

The jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Archeparchy of Philadelphia (Ukrainian) includes the District of Columbia, the States of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania to the eastern boundaries of the following counties: Potter, Clinton, Center, Mifflin, Huntingdon and Fulton.

Chancery Office:
810 N. Franklin St., Philadelphia, PA 19123-2097
Phone: 215-627-0143 Fax: 215-627-0377
Hours: 9 AM – Noon; 1 – 4 PM

Archeparchial Tribunal:
Phone: 215-627-0143 Fax: 215-627-0377

Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia


Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Residence: 830 N. Franklin St. 19123
Phone: 215-922-2845
Chapel: Missionary Sisters of the Mother of God Chapel

Annunciation of the B.V.M.
Residence: 1206 Valley Rd. 19126
Phone: 215-635-1627

Christ the King
Residence: 1629 W. Cayuga St. 19140
Phone: 215-455-2416

St. Nicholas
24th and Poplar Sts.
Residence: 871 N. 24th St. 19130
Phone: 215-769-3863
Attended from: Christ the King Church, Philadelphia


Peter and Paul
Residence: 519 Union Ave. 19405
Phone: 610-272-7035

Patronage of B.V.M.
Residence: 2026 Bath Rd. 19007
Phone: 215-788-7117

St. Michael the Archangel
Residence: 1013 Fox Chase Rd. 19046
Phone: 215-576-5827

Presentation of Our Lord
Residence: 1564 Allentown Rd. 19446
Phone: 215-368-3993; 215-362-9599

Peter and Paul
Residence: 472 Emmett St. 19460

St. Michael
Residence: 425 W. Walnut St. 19464
Served from SS. Peter and Paul Church, Phoenixville.

Holy Myrrh – Bearers
900 Fairview Rd. 19081
Phone: 610-544-1215

St. Anne
Residence: 1545 Easton Rd. 18976
Phone: 215-343-0779
Administrator: Rev. Wasyl Bunik

Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic Institutions in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Ascension Manor I
911 N. Franklin St. 19123
Housing for senior citizens under the auspices of the Ukrainian Catholic Metropolitan Archdiocese.
Phone: 215-922-1116

Ascension Manor II
970 N. 7th St. 19123
Housing for senior citizens under the auspices of the Ukrainian Catholic Metropolitan Archdiocese.
Phone: 215-923-3907

The Basileiad Library
Fox Chase Manor (Manor Junior College) 19046
Phone: 215-885-2360; 215-885-2361, ext. 240

Manor College
700 Fox Chase Rd., Jenkintown 19046
Phone: 215-885-2360 Fax: 215-576-6564
Ukrainian Catholic Sisters of St. Basil the Great.
Founded: 1947