March 19, 2020

Catholic Social Services and Nutritional Development Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Provides Support To Those Impacted By Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Catholic Social Services and Nutritional Development Services will continue to operate essential services and provide additional support to those impacted by the Coronavirus. In doing so it will respect and follow all directives and guidelines provided by government and health department officials.

Individuals, families, and children impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and in need of emergency assistance will receive critical support and resources from two agencies of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Catholic Social Services (CSS) and Nutritional Development Services (NDS).

Family Service Centers, part of the Community-Based Services Division of CSS, will continue to provide emergency food and diaper assistance to those in need and as well as those impacted by coronavirus. Seven such centers are located throughout the five-county metropolitan area and are the first point of contact for individuals, families, and parishes when they seek assistance from CSS.

Ms. Amy Stoner, Director of CSS Community Based and Homeless Services Divisions said, “Every day, CSS embraces the call to be servant leaders within our community. While we are all impacted by COVID-19, we must continue to have genuine care and concern for our neighbors in need. During these uncertain times, CSS’ Family Service Centers will continue to build up and strengthen our communities for all those in need, regardless of the cause.”

Information on Family Service Centers, hours of operation, and additional resources can be found by visiting a dedicated link at

In addition to these services, NDS is continuing to provide resources for those in need of emergency food assistance. Through its network of food cupboards located throughout the Greater Philadelphia region, individuals and families experiencing hunger and those who are impacted by Coronavirus can obtain nourishing non-perishable items at 22 program sites. Of the 22 sites actively being supported by NDS, seven are operated by CSS.

Children and youth who are affected by school closures can also obtain meals through NDS sponsored feeding sites. These distribution sites ensure that children who benefit from the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs continue to have access to wholesome nourishing meals at no cost. All lunches distributed will provide students with one third of their daily requirement for calories and key growth nutrients.

Ms. Lizanne F. Hagedorn, Executive Director of NDS said, “Providing individuals, families, and children with food and food related resources has been at the core of NDS’ mission for nearly five decades. Often we encounter those who do not have sufficient access to nutritious sustenance. However, COVID-19 has greatly impacted those that may not typically face hunger. NDS is grateful to have the means to assist all individuals and their families who are confronted with a food emergency brought on by COVID-19.”

Information on NDS’ food cupboards, feeding sites for children, and additional resources can be found by visiting a dedicated link at

NDS’ Community Food Program (CFP) is also doubling efforts to supply CSS’ Family Service Centers with non-perishable items for those impacted. Those interested in supporting CFP can purchase non-perishable “one-can” meal food items online through You Give Goods at This food drive will help stock the shelves of NDS’ network of food cupboards throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. All goods donated will be shipped directly to NDS and be distributed to those in need.

CSS and NDS’ CFP are beneficiaries of the Catholic Charities Appeal (CCA), the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s single most important fundraiser. Managed by the nonprofit The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia (CFGP), the appeal raises critically needed funding for programs benefiting hundreds of thousands of people through countless organizations and ministries in the Archdiocese. Those interested in supporting CSS and NDS can make a one-time gift or recurring financial contribution through a dedicated link by visiting

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Editor Note:  Catholic Social Services (CSS) of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia offers community-based and residential programs and services to support men, women and children in need as an expression of the charitable works of our local Church throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. For more information, please visit

For forty-six years, NDS’ mission has been to serve children and those in need with healthy food. NDS accomplishes its mission in two distinct ways: by administering the federally-funded child nutrition programs and through the privately supported Community Food Program. For more information, please visit

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