Hope in Christ

~ Spiritual Support for Addiction ~

“I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” ~ Jeremiah 33:6

You are not alone! The Church desires to be close to her children who are struggling with addiction and to bring them the healing power of Jesus Christ’s love. The resources below are for those who have an addiction as well as for their families and loved ones. You will find below one-time events such as retreats and evenings of reflection, ongoing support ministries, and links to websites, articles and videos. They are offered as spiritual support for you and your loved ones to assist you in experiencing the extended hand that Jesus Christ is holding out to you.  If you have questions or suggestions for this page, please contact us at phillyevang@archphila.org.  

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Share Your Story

We would like to better understand the nature of addiction and how the church can be present to those who are suffering.
Please feel free to share your story with us so that we, as well as others, can learn from you and your journey.

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