Parish Pastoral Councils - Function

The general function of the Parish Pastoral Council is to advise the Pastor in those pastoral matters presented to it by the Pastor. It carries out its function by:

  1. Informing the Pastor of the needs and concerns, gifts and resources of the whole parish and its members;
  2. Developing and reviewing a parish mission statement (which will always contain the name of Jesus) and periodically re-evaluating and revising it;
  3. Developing a parish pastoral plan;
  4. Participating in ongoing pastoral planning;
  5. Recommending policies, procedures and programs which would assist in the implementation of the mission statement and the parish pastoral plan;
  6. Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of existing programs;
  7. Reflecting on Archdiocesan pastoral priorities and recommending how they can be implemented in the parish.

Rationale, Principles and Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Councils

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