If you are a Roman Catholic and married outside of the Catholic Church, or if you are a non-Catholic who married a Roman Catholic outside of the Catholic Church without permission from the Church or a priest, then you do not need to complete the questionnaire below.  Rather, please see the priest at your parish.

If a person is involved in multiple marriages, or if you have any questions, please call the Tribunal (215-587-3750) to determine which process(es) you need to follow.

Please note, a person, who needs a declaration of nullity from a prior marriage, cannot schedule a marriage in the Catholic Church until the annulment process is complete.

To complete this questionnaire you may:
      1) download the questionnaire, type in your answers, print and mail to the Tribunal, or
      2) print the questionnaire, write your answers and mail to the Tribunal.

Please mail the completed questionnaire and necessary documents to:
          Archdiocese of Philadelphia
          222 N. 17th Street
          Philadelphia, PA 19103

Petitioner Questionnaire

The Petitioner Questionnaire is completed by the party of the marriage in question who is initiating the petition for a declaration of nullity.

Please call the Tribunal at 215-587-3750 to request the Petitioner Questionnaire in Spanish.
Llame al Tribunal al 215-587-3750 para solicitar el Cuestionario del Demandante en Español.