Office for Consecrated Life

So it is that in accordance with the Divine Plan a wonderful variety of religious communities has grown up which has made it easier for the church … to be equipped for every good work and ready for the work of the ministry—the building up of the Body of Christ.
Second Vatican Council, Decree on the Adaptation and Renewal of Religious Life Perfectae Caritatis, no. 1

Archbishop Nelson. J. Pérez invites the clergy and faithful of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to
join in a novena in preparation for the Solemnity of the Assumption on August 15. The special
intention of this novena is for an end to the coronavirus pandemic.

Novena in Preparation for the
Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary
August 6-14, 2020

Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, we believe in your
triumphant assumption into heaven where the angels and saints acclaim you
as Queen of Heaven and earth. We join them in praising you and bless the
Lord who raised you above all creatures. With them we honor you. We are
confident that you watch over our daily lives and we ask that you intercede
for us now.
[Mention your requests here,
including the petition for an end of the
coronavirus pandemic.]
We are comforted by our faith in the coming resurrection and we look to you
for prayers and comfort. After this earthly life, show us Jesus, the blessed fruit
of your womb, O kind, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.
Queen assumed into Heaven, pray for us. Amen.

If possible, pray the Rosary each day of the Novena.

With gratitude to

Almighty God

For the years of dedicated

And faithful service to the Church

By our Religious Priests, Brothers and Sisters,

the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

wishes to invite you to join in celebration of their

Jubilee Year

Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez

Archbishop of Philadelphia

cordially invites you to a

Mass of Thanksgiving on

Sunday, September 20, 2020 at

eleven o’clock in the morning

in the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul

18th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway

If you are unable to attend the Holy Mass, you can

Watch via Live Stream using the link below.


Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Jubilarians 2020

Please Pray for our Jubilarians

who have served the Church for many years with generous hearts! 

85 Years                                                              

Iwetz, Sister Marie Cecile, SSJ

80 Years

Smith, Sister Ignatia Maria, SSJ

Powell, Sister Rita, RSM

75 Years

Tracy, Sister Katherine, SHCJ

Maruca, Rev. Dominic W, S.J.

Piszyk, Sister Judith Thaddeus, OSBM

Leszczynska, Sister M. Eunice, CSFN

Hoben, Sister Marian William, I.H.M.

Arnold, Sister Agnes Leona, SSJ

Kerridge, Sister Elizabeth Anne, SSJ

Moss, Sister Kathleen Bernadette, SSJ

O’Donnell, Sister Saint Urban, SSJ

Reimer, Sister Catherine, SSJ                                                     

Sneeringer, Sister Mary Dolores, SSJ 

Towey, Sister Anne B., SSJ

Watson, Sister Mary Patricia, SSJ

70 Years

Jelley, Sister Jacqueline, SHCJ

Boyer, Sister Anne, GNSH

Elias, Sister Mary Joan, GNSH

Finnick, Sister Mary, GNSH

Healy, Sister Kathryn, GNSH

Burkert, Sister Julia, MMS

Edelen, Sister Patricia, MMS

Serafini, Sister Andrea, MMS

Hocbo, Sister Mary Cecilia, SSpSAP

Robillard, Sister Mary Henrita, SSpSAP

Byron, Rev. William J., S.J.

Gresh, Bro. Charles, FSC

Cordero, Sister Josefa Marie, MSBT

McLoughlin, Sister Eileen Catherine, MSBT

Andrelczyk, Sister M. Bernice, CSFN

Griffin, Sister Rosemarie, CSFN

Lawlor, Sister M. Jeanette, CSFN

Przybylowski, Sister M. Eileen Therese, CSFN

Petela, Sister Helen, CSFN

Onley, Sister M. Francesca, CSFN

Rozanska, Sister M. Paul, CSFN

Barber, Sister Marita de Lourdes, I.H.M.

Delaney, Sister Maria Paul, I.H.M.                                                      

Dennin, Sister Dolores Ann, I.H.M.

Gain, Sister Dolores Kathleen, I.H.M.

Gallagher, Sister Mary Louise, I.H.M.

Hughes, Sister Marie Charlene, I.H.M.

Keenan, Sister Kathleen Dolores, I.H.M.

Malloy, Sister Anita Dolores, I.H.M.

McGee, Sister Marita Louise, I.H.M.

Rooney, Sister Doloretta Maria, I.H.M.

Aherne, Sister Anna Louise, OSF

Calhoun, Sister Frances, OSF

Dreisbach, Sister Joan, OSF

Keltz, Sister Gloria Patricia, OSF

Morales, Sister Genoveva, OSF

Murray, Sister Catherine Alexis, OSF

Oman, Sister Margaret, OSF

Rizzo, Sister Francis Anita, OSF

Thomas, Sister Mary Ruth, OSF

Whelan, Sister Margaret Mary, OSF

Campbell, Sister Anne Jose, SSJ

Cashman, Sister Patricia, SSJ

Corbett, Sister Mary, SSJ

DiGregorio, Sister Clare, SSJ

Duffy, Sister Mary Teresa, SSJ

Fitzpatrick, Sister Catherine Dolorine, SSJ

Hetzel, Sister Marie Albert, SSJ

Hilla, Sister Ann C., SSJ

Holtz, Sister Jean L., SSJ

Jaskel, Sister Joan Gertrude, SSJ

Kretschman, Sister Marie Fatima, SSJ

McCarthy, Sister Ellen, SSJ

McClure, Sister Patricia, SSJ

O’Brien, Sister Leonissa, SSJ

O’Connor, Sister Peg, SSJ

Pino, Sister Grace D., SSJ

Hasson, Sister Mary Georgina, RSM

Hentz, Sister Mary, RSM

Kelly, Sister Kathleen, RSM

Lynch, Sister Marie, RSM

McKee, Sister Kathleen Anne, RSM

Medori, Sister Antoinette, RSM

Pascoe, Sister Margaret, RSM

Schrant, Sister Claire Miriam, RSM

Walsh, Sister Marianna, RSM

Erdlen, Rev. Harry J. OSA (profession)

65 Years

Bamber, Rev. William J., C.M.

Smith, Bro. Alfred J., C.M.

Brady, Sister Mary Ellen, O.P.

Bartholomew, Sister Clement, OSBM

Hernandez, Sister Carla, OSBM

Orzel, Sister Dolores, OSBM

Deegan, Rev. John E., OSA (profession)

Recchuti, Rev. William A., OSA (profession)

60 Years

Bartone, Sister Carlotta, SHCJ

Doyle, Sister Margaret, SHCJ

Gaine, Sister Virginia, SHCJ

Crudden, Sister Anne Zita, GNSH

Daly, Sister Joan, GNSH

Drysdale, Sister Maria Christi, GNSH

McCann, Sister Joan Marie, GNSH

McKee, Sister Ann, GNSH

Moyle, Sister Martha, GNSH

Carven, Rev. John W., C.M.

Daly, Rev. Joseph V., C.M.

Trzecieski, Rev. Joseph V., C.M.

Hayes, Sister Therese, MMS                                                     

Klaus, Sister Miriam Paul, MMS

Papineau, Sister Marguerite, MMS

Strahlr, Sister Sylria, MMS

Moriarty, Bro. Robert, S.M.

Haig, Rev. Frank R., S.J.

Kestler, Bro. Richard, FSC

Busowski, Sister Dorothy Ann, OSBM

Jurasinski, Sister Mary Cecilia, OSBM

Stremba, Sister Rita, OSBM

White, Rev. Roger, O.F.M.Cap                                       

Burnard, Sister Margaret Mary, MSBT

Butler, Sister Mary Elizabeth, MSBT

Dorff, Sister John Maureen, MSBT

Marcigliano, Sister Paul Miriam, MSBT

Wahl, Sister Siena Marie, MSBT

Robalino, Sister Silvia Eugenia, RA

Chesnavage, Sister M. Mildred, CSFN

Kozubal, Sister M. Xavier, CSFN

Veitz, Sister M. Frances, CSFN

Wieczezynski, Sister Regina, CSFN

Beck, Sister M. Anne Patrice, I.H.M.

Bradbury, Sister M. Anna L., I.H.M.

Colligon, Sister M. Barbara Ann, I.H.M.

Considine, Sister M. Patricia Anne, I.H.M.

Daley, Sister Genevieve Marie, I.H.M.

Durner, Sister M. Cecilia, I.H.M.

Fadden, Sister M. Ruth Patricia, I.H.M.

Fertal, Sister Mary Grace, I.H.M.  

Firn, Sister Janice Marie, I.H.M.

Fullam, Sister M. Joseph Helen, I.H.M.

Greco, Sister Mary Carmella, I.H.M.

Hughes, Sister Anne Marie, I.H.M.

Leonard, Sister Mary A. I.H.M.

Linsalata, Sister M. Lauretta, I.H.M.

Maguire, Sister Marie B. I.H.M.

Mangan, Sister M. Noreen Joseph, I.H.M.

Moylan, Sister M. Jane Claire, I.H.M.

Nolan, Sister Virginia Therese, I.H.M.

O’Connor, Sister Maureen Peter, I.H.M.

Potochney, Sister Jacinta Marie, I.H.M.

Schmidt, Sister Mary Elizabeth, I.H.M.

Schuyler, Sister M. John Joseph, I.H.M.

Smith, Sister Honoria M., I.H.M.

Summers, Sister Amy M., I.H.M.

Swirk, Sister Loretta Therese, I.H.M.

McCarthy, Sister Bernadette De L’Immaculee, lsp

Sperr, Sister Marie Antoinette De Ste. Anne, lsp

Destefano, Sister Therese Michele, SSJ

Gehman, Sister Marcia Anne, SSJ

Gaughans, Sister Mary Ann, SSJ

Giunco, Sister Jeanne, SSJ

Herron, Sister Mary William, SSJ

Intrieri, Sister Joseph Andre, SSJ

McNichol, Sister Eleanor, SSJ

Royal, Sister Joan Clare, SSJ

Schlosser, Sister Alma Rose, SSJ

Bracken, Sister Rosellen, RSM

Burke, Sister Mary Elizabeth, RSM

Connor, Sister Emily Therese, RSM

Donnelly, Sister Marie Michele, RSM

Flynn, Sister Patricia Anne, RSM

Fox, Sister Kathleen Marie, RSM

Giordano, Sister Mary Ann, RSM

Kennedy, Sister Patricia Anne, RSM

MacWilliams, Sister Barbara Ann, RSM

McAlpin, Sister Kathleen, RSM

McCann, Sister Mercedes J. RSM

McGovern, Sister Kathleen, RSM

McGrory, Sister Josephine, RSM

McNally, Sister Mary Sarah, RSM

Nolan, Sister Mary Anne, RSM

O’Brien, Sister Stella Mary, RSM

Paglione, Sister Frances, RSM

Smiley, Sister Barbara, RSM

Talone, Sister Patricia, RSM

Welsh, Sister Angela, RSM

O’Leary, Rev. Richard T., OSA (profession)

Sullivan, Rev. Michael P., OSA (profession)

55 Years

Freund, Rev. John B., C.M.

50 Years

Foy, Sister Barbara, SHCJ

Sullivan, Sister Mary, SHCJ

Bicsko, Rev. Stephen C., C.M.

Kane, Rev. John E., C.M.

McKenna, Rev. Thomas F., C.M.

Shea, Rev. Michael J., C.M.

Morris, Sister Philomena, MMS

Shine, Bro. Lawrence, FSC

Fitzgerald, Bro. John, F.C.

Than, Sister Asunta, ACI

Cusati, Sister Christine Joy, MSBT

Jefferson, Sister Rosemarie, MSBT

Gemmell, Sister Mary Ellen, CSFN

Bell, Sister M. Joyce Carolyn, I.H.M.

Bransfield, Sister Mary Jane, I.H.M.

Breen, Sister M. Elizabeth Patrice, I.H.M.

Brookes, Sister M. Elaine de Chantal, I.H.M.

Clark, Sister M. Catherine Anne, I.H.M.

Cunningham, Sister M. Christine, I.H.M.

Darreff, Sister M. Anne Elise, I.H.M.

DePaul, Sister Rosemary, I.H.M.

Filan, Sister Mary Margaret, I.H.M.

Fleming, Sister M. Margaret, I.H.M.

Gipprich, Sister Marie, I.H.M.

Havens, Sister Regina M., I.H.M.

Lamb, Sister Christine M., I.H.M.

Marani, Sister M. Peter Therese, I.H.M.

Mayer, Sister Suzanne Marie, I.H.M.

McCullough, Sister M. Rita Bridget, I.H.M.

McDonnell, Sister Mary Jane, I.H.M.

McEntee, Sister M. Marcille, I.H.M.

Mumma, Sister M. Cynthia Ann, I.H.M.

Praskac, Sister Mary H., I.H.M.

Saybolt, Sister M. Adrienne, I.H.M.

Schaebler, Sister Alice M., I.H.M.

Sweeney, Sister Mary Anne, I.H.M.

Jeffrey, Sister Grace Andrew, OSF

Bednarcik, Sister Katherine, RSM

Geraghty, Sister Mary Beth, RSM

Morrison, Sister Mary Jane, RSM

Doyle, Rev. Frances J., OSA (ordination)

McCartney, Rev. James J., OSA (ordination)

McCloskey, Rev. Gary N., OSA (profession)

Wilde, Rev. Denis G., OSA (ordination)

Rickle, Rev. William C., SJ

25 Years

Donaldson, Rev. Raymond J., S.J.

Frederico, Rev. Charles A., S.J.

Mykhalyuk, Sister Olha, OSBM

Nguyen, Sister Maria Therese, CSFN

Cote, Sister Karen Marie, I.H.M.

Sister Mary Raphael Paradis, R.S.M.

Cregan, Rev. David, A., OSA (profession)

Hollis, Rev. Keith J., OSA (profession)








Events for 2020-2021

Sunday, September 20, 2020

  • Jubilarian Celebration/Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez, Celebrant
  • 11:00 a.m. Holy Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul

Saturday, December 12, 2020  CANCELED

  • Advent Day of Retreat
  • Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul

Sunday, February 7, 2021 

  •       World Day of Consecrated Life 
  •       11:00 a.m. Parish Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul
  •       Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez Celebrant

Saturday, March 13, 2021

  •     Lenten Day of Retreat–Sister Sheila Galligan, IHM
  •     Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul

Sunday, September 19, 2021

  •      Jubilarian Mass 
  •     Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez Celebrant    
  •     Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul

Saturday, December 11, 2021

  •     Advent Day of Retreat
  •     Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul

Details will follow for each retreat and celebration as we near the dates


Sister Gabrielle Mary Braccio, RSM
Delegate for Consecrated Life
222 North 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1299
10th Floor Room 1029

Phone: 215-587-3795
Fax: 215-587-3790

To assist those who feel called to the consecrated life, the Office for Consecrated Life lists those Congregations who serve in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Please see listing below.

Congregations of Men

Congregations of Women