Parish Mission Statements - Meeting 3


Purpose of Meeting

To reflect on and discuss the purpose of a parish

Preparation for Meeting

  1. Reflect on Romans 12:3-8
  2. Read "Parish Life Perspectives"


  1. Prayer (15 minutes)(Prayer should include reflection/sharing on Romans 12:3-8)
  2. Education/formation of members (45 minutes)Discuss "Parish Life Perspectives" focusing on how the parish continues the mission of Jesus
  3. Break (15 minutes)
  4. Discussion
    1. In small groups(20 minutes) List significant aspects of a parish
    2. In the large group(20 minutes) dentify the essential elementsof a parish
  5. Announcements (10 minutes)
  6. Evaluation (5 minutes)
  7. Closing Prayer (5 minutes)

(see MEETING 4)

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