Parish Mission Statements - Parish Involvement


  1. Education/Reflection/Discussion on:
    • a.Mission of Jesus and the Church
    • b.Archdiocesan Mission Statement
    • c.Purpose of a Parish - Who are we and what do we seek to become as a parish community?
    • d.Parish Mission Statement

    Opportunities to do this include:

    • a.Homilies
    • b.Presentation/Discussion with Parish Committees/Organizations
    • c.Bulletin inserts
    • d.Adult Education Workshops
    • e.Parish Assemblies/Forums
  2. Consultation with the Parish about the Draft Mission Statement.  Suggested ways to do this:
    • a. Distributing copies of the Draft Mission Statement and ask   parishioners after prayerful reflection to respond. A possible   response could be by returning a form such as: For me, this Mission Statement reflects who we are as parish community and what we seek to become.
    •  I question the following elements of this statement because...
    • b. Parish Committees/Organizations review Draft and return comments.
    • c.Parish Assemblies/Forums held to review and discuss Draft.
  3. Proclaim and Celebrate the Parish Mission Statement.
    • a.Announce the Parish Mission Statement at Sunday Mass.
    • b.Distribute the Parish Mission Statement to parishioners.
    • c.Ask parish committees/organizations to reflect on their purpose   in light of the Parish Mission Statement.
    • d.Frame the Parish Mission Statement and   display it in a prominent  place.
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