(Alternative to Meetings 1-4)

Purpose of Meeting To reflect on and discuss:

  1. Mission of Jesus and of the Church
  2. Archdiocesan Mission Statement
  3. Purpose of a parish
  4. Who we are? What we seek to become as a parish


Preparation for Meeting

  1. Reflect on Luke 4:14-21; Acts 2:42-47
  2. Read "Models of the Church"
  3. Read Archdiocesan Mission Statement
  4. Read "Parish Life Perspective"


  1. Prayer (20 minutes)
  2. Education/Formation of Council (40 minutes)
    Discuss "Models of the Church"
    focusing on Reflection Question 2
  3. in small groups (30 minutes)
    Discuss what we understand the mission of Jesus and the Church to be
  4. Break (15 minutes)
  5. In the large group (30 minutes)
    Brainstorm around:
    What does the Archdiocesan Mission Statement say to us about:
    a. Who we are as a Church?
    b. What we value as a Church?
    c. What we seek to become as a faith community?
  6. In small groups (30 minutes)
  7. Discuss what the Archdiocesan Mission Statement tells us about
    the mission of our parish community?
  8. Lunch (60 minutes)
  9. Prayer (10 minutes)
  10. Discuss "Parish Life Perspectives" (30 minutes)
  11. Identify the essential elements of a parish.
  12. Presentation on the parish including significant
  13. highlights of its history and heritage (35 minutes)
  14. Break (15 minutes)
  15. In small groups (20 minutes)
  16. Complete these sentences briefly:
    We are a parish who...
    As a parish we value...
    As a parish we seek to become...
  17. In the large group (25 minutes)
  18. Identify and discuss common points and delegate a small group
    to prepare a draft mission statement in light of all the discussion
  19. Evaluation (10 minutes)
  20. Closing Prayer (10 minutes)
  21. (Continue developing Mission Statement with MEETING 5)
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