Education for Pastoral Councils Why do Parish Pastoral Councils Engage in Pastoral Planning?

The goal of all pastoral planning is the renewal of individuals and parishes.  Renewal is a life long process. It is the ongoing, daily conversion of the  heart to the will of God. It is the movement of the Holy Spirit in the heart of  the baptized to desire to know God more fully and to do His will more  faithfully.

  Pastoral planning is a way to create an environment within parishes that  fosters the renewal of the individuals and helps them to respond to the  prompting of the Holy Spirit.

  In the documents of the Second Vatican Council, the Bishops speak of the  mission of Christ, the nature of the Church and the role of the laity. Pope  John Paul II, in preparing the faithful for the beginning of the Third  Millennium of Christianity, wrote and spoke often about the Holy Spirit’s  renewing presence in the Church.

  Reflection on these might be beneficial for the members of the Parish  Pastoral Council as a help to recall why they meet and plan and how their  work strengthens the parish.

 For consideration:

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