Catholic Social Services

(267)-331-2490, fax (215)587-2479
E-Mail: [email protected]

A multipurpose social service agency providing assistance to children, families and adults.

Secretary for Catholic Human Services
James Amato, LSW

Chief Financial Officer
Franz Fruehwald

Divisional Controller
Gary Miller

CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES is organized along divisional lines. The services and programs funded in part by the Catholic Charities Appeal provide a social safety net for men, women and children across the Archdiocese. Clients of Catholic Social Services are from all socio-economic and religious backgrounds who seek help for a variety of personal and social issues.

James Amato, LSW
Phone: 215-587-3908

Director of Community-Based Services Division 
Amy Stoner, LSW, ACSW 
Phone: 215-587-3590

Director of Housing & Homeless Services 
Amy Stoner, LSW, ACSW 
Phone: 215-854-7080

Director of Developmental Programs Division
Francis Swiacki
20 E. Cleveland Ave.
Norwood, PA. 19074
Phone: 484-475-2469 Fax: 610-543-5397

Director of St. Gabriel’s System
Joseph Lavoritano, MA, Med, NCSP 
222 N. 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215-665-8777 Fax: 215-665-8821


Philadelphia County Programs/Family Services Center
Community-Based Prevention Services
Director: Amy Stoner, LSW, ACSW 
Phone: 215-587-3590 

Information & Referral:
CSS HELPLINE: 267-331-2490
Fax: 215-965-5712
Family Service Centers are the first point of contact for individuals, families, and parishes when they seek assistance from Catholic Social Services. Brief/emergency services and assessments are offered at all sites. Individual and family counseling is provided at most sites. Each site provides comprehensive elder care and pregnancy services. Programs are offered on site and in parishes.

Casa del Carmen Family Service Center
4400 N. Reese St., Philadelphia 19140
Phone: 267-331-2500 Fax: 215-329-6722
Administrator: Christopher Gale, MPA
Bilingual staff (Spanish/English) offering full complement of services. Offers after-school programs for youth and pre-natal and parenting education support programs and specialized job training and placement program.
Casa del Carmen Academy provides a licensed preschool and school age after-school program for 72 children 3 to 5 years and K to 5th grade.
Director: Shari Gold
Phone: 215-457-4325 Fax: 215-457-4339

Northeast Family Service Center
7340 Jackson St., Philadelphia 19136
Phone: 215-624-5920 Fax: 215-624-9197
Administrator: Yvonne Branch
Homelessness Prevention program; outreach services provided to Philadelphia prison system, licensed before/after school programs, senior citizen center, family support programs, pre-natal and parenting education and support programs; specialized job training and placement program; counseling services, food distribution ; rent, utility and mortgage assistance, and consumer credit counseling offered on site.

Southwest Family Service Center
6214 Grays Ave., Philadelphia 19142
Phone: 215-724-8550 Fax: 215-724-8521
Assistant Administrator; Lola DeCarlo-Coles
Homelessness Prevention Program; after-school and summer programs, pre-natal and patenting education and support programs; and rent, utility and mortgage assistance offered on site.

Pregnancy Hotline – 1-800-CARE-002
Twenty-four hour/seven days per week hotline for individuals seeking assistance with a pregnancy, supportive counseling and linkage with needed resources.

Out of School Time Programs
Parish/school based programs that provide a continuum of after-school, youth development and family support activities.
Administrator: Aggie Healey Wilson
Phone: 215-587-3588 Fax: 215-587-2479

Immigration Services

Holy Family Center, 227 N. 18th St., Philadelphia 19103
Phone: 215-854-7019 Fax: 215-854-7100
Administrator: Catherine Baggiano, Esquire
Legal services are offered to individuals who have immigrated from other countries and need assistance with residency or citizenship issues. Services are targeted to those with limited financial resources.

Senior Community Centers

Nativity B.V.M. Senior Community Center
3255 Belgrade St. Philadelphia PA 19134
Senior Center Manager: Jennifer Scornaienchi
Phone: 215-423-2772  Fax: 215-423-2423

St. Edmond Senior Community Center
2130 S. 21st St. Philadelphia PA 19145
Senior Center Manager: Kathy Boles
Phone: 215-790-9530  Fax: 215-790-9765

Norris Square Senior Community Center
2121 N. Howard St., Philadelphia 19133
Senior Center Manager: Bethzaida Butler Lopez
Phone: 215-423-7241  Fax: 215-634-7751

Star Harbor Senior Community Center
4700 Springfield Ave., Philadelphia 19143
Senior Center Manager: Shante Crawford
Phone: 215-724-4414  Fax: 215-726-7496

 Suburban Counties Programs/Family Services Center

Centro Catolico de Fatimo

2913 Street Road
Bensalem, PA 19020
Administrator: Teri Mitchell
Phone: 215-639-4254 Fax: 215-639-4589

Bucks County
Bucks County Family Service Centers
Levittown: 100 Levittown Pkwy., Levittown 19054
Phone: 215-945-2550 Fax: 215-945-3595
The full range of core services is available at these family service centers. Bilingual staff (Spanish/English) is available.
Administrator: Teri Mitchell

Delaware County
Chester City Family Service Center

Chester: 130 E. 7th St., Chester 19013
Phone: 610-876-7101 Fax: 610-876-9183
Administrator: Rick Pytlewski, MSW
The full range of core services is available through this site with counseling offered at the Springfield site. Bilingual staff (Spanish-English) is available.

Operating Base Cecilia Supportive Services for Veterans Families
605 E. Lincoln Highway, Coatesville, PA 19320
Phone: 610-384-8387 Fax: 610-384-7873
Administrator: Rick Pytlewski, MSW

Montgomery County
Montgomery County Family Service Center
Norristown: 353 E. Johnson Hwy., Norristown 19401
Phone: 610-279-7372 Fax: 610-270-0626
Administrator: Susan Stier 
The full range of core services are available at this family service center. Bilingual staff (Spanish-English) is available.

 Volunteer & Community Relations

Holy Family Center, 227 N. 18th St., Philadelphia 19103
Phone: 215-854-7058 Fax: 215-965-5715
Administrator: Estela Reyes-Bugg
Coordinates volunteer and internship opportunities. Represents the agency at conferences and fairs, and organizes training workshops for employees of Catholic Social Services.
Project Rachel Hotline: 1-844-772-2435, [email protected]

 Housing and Homeless Services Division

Director: Amy Stoner, LSW. ACSW 
Phone: 215-854-7080 Fax: 215-587-2479
Housing and Homeless Services operates residential and day service programs for persons who are homeless and have special needs. Housing and Homeless Services oversees all programs listed in this section.

The Good Shepherd Program of
St. John’s Hospice
1225 Race St., Philadelphia 19107
Phone: 215-569-1101 Fax: 215-569-1622
Program Director: Barry Martin
Provides residential services to medically fragile, homeless men.

St. John’s Hospice
1221 Race St., Philadelphia 19107
Phone: 215-563-7763 Fax: 215-563-0108
Director: David Stier
St. John’s is an emergency residential hospice for 40 men. The Day Services Program offers noon meals, clothing and services.

St. Mary’s Residence
247 S. 5th St., Philadelphia 19106
Phone: 215-922-4228 Fax: 215-922-0192
Program Director: Kathleen Nelson
Provides permanent housing for single women over the age of 60.

McAuley House
1800 Morris St., Philadelphia 19145
Phone: 215-271-5166 Fax: 215-271-1601
Program Supervisor: Marcia Cedeno
McAuley House provides transitional housing to six medically fragile homeless women.

Mercy Hospice
334 S. 13th St., Philadelphia 19107
Phone: 215-545-5153 Fax: 215-545-1872
Program Director: Katherine Baimgardner
Mercy Hospice provides recovery housing and comprehensive services to 31 homeless women and their children.

Visitation Homes
2638 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia 19125
Phone: 215-425-2080 Fax: 215-425-1412
Program Director: Sara Frisby-Simms
This is a residential service program for families making the transition from homelessness to permanent housing.

Women of Hope – Lombard
1210 Lombard St., Philadelphia 19147
Phone: 215-732-1341 Fax: 215-732-0659
Program Director: Rosemary Chetalo, MSW
The Women of Hope programs provide safe haven care to 14 women with serious mental health illness, many of whom were homeless.

Women of Hope – Vine
251 N. Lawrence St., Philadelphia 19106
Phone: 215-592-9116 Fax: 215-592-0650
Program Director: Sr. Maureen Crissy, RSM
The Women of Hope programs provide residential care to women with serious mental health illness, many of whom were formerly homeless.

 Developmental Programs Division 
20 E. Cleveland Ave., Norwood 19074
The Developmental Programs Division operates residential and community-based programs for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.
Phone: 610-543-3380 Fax: 610-237-7473
Executive Director Francis Swiacki, MSW
Phone: 484-472-5066 Fax: 610-237-7471
[email protected]

Director of Mission Identity and Integration: Rev. Dennis Weber, Sd.C.
Phone: 484-472-5067 Fax: 610-543-5397 610-237-7473
[email protected]

Divine Providence Village
Main Campus
686 Old Marple Rd., Springfield 19064
Divine Providence Village is an intermediate care facility providing services to 96 women and men with intellectual disabilities.
Administrator: Jean Calvarese-Donovan, LSW
Phone: 484-908-6501 Fax: 610-544-1710
[email protected]

Community Programs
20 E. Cleveland Ave., Norwood 19074
Community Programs consist of Family Living Homes with 60 clients, Community Living Arrangements (CLAs) group homes with 25 residents, and in Home Support for individuals living in their own home.
Administrator: Francis Swiacki, MSW
Phone: 484-472-5066 Fax: 610-237-7471
[email protected]

Administrator for Family Living and in Home Support: Telisha Feamster, MHA
Phone: 484-472-5080 Fax: 610-237-7471
[email protected]g

Administrator for CLAs: Patrica Menszack
Phone: 484-472-5046 Fax: 610-237-7471
[email protected]

Day Program Services
10 Fatima Dr., Secane 19018
Day Programs provide active treatment, employment and volunteer opportunities, and community outreach experience for over 250 individuals.
Administrator: Paul Holmes
Phone: 484-472-5011 Fax: 610-538-0542
[email protected]

Don Guanella Village

Administrative Offices: 20 E. Cleveland Ave., Norwood 19074
Don Guanella Village (DGV) serves 65 men in community-based intermediate care facility (ICF) group homes. There are 11 homes located in Delaware, Chester, and Philadelphia counties. DGV also provides ICF services for 30 men at its new campus in Springfield.
Administrator: Patricia Menszak
Phone: 484-475-2546 Fax: 610-237-7473
[email protected]g

St. Edmond’s Home for Children
320 S. Roberts Rd., Rosemont 19010
St. Edmond’s Home for Children is an intermediate care facility with 44 beds serving children with intellectual and physical disabilities.
Administrator Denise Clofine, M.Ed.
Phone: 610-525-8800 Fax: 610-525-2693
[email protected]

 Youth Services Division
Adoption Services
Phone: 267-331-2443 Fax: 215-457-5418
Program Supervisor: Robert Montoro, MSW
These services prepare adults who wish to adopt children, offer assistance to young pregnant women, fathers of their children and their families, and provide post-adoption support.

Foster Care
Phone: 267-331-2488 Fax: 215-457-5418
Director: Robert Montoro
Provides foster home/kinship placement for children in need of substitute family care.

Catholic Community Services
10125 Verree Road, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19116
Administrator: Teresa Thompson, LSW
Phone: 267-341-1253

Provides and manages in home, foster care and residential services.

St. Francis-St. Joseph Homes for Children
(Formerly known as St. Francis Vocational School; St. Francis Homes for Boys; and St. Joseph’s House for Boys and St. Vincent’s Home.)
3400 Bristol Pk., Bensalem 19020
Phone: 215-638-9310 Fax: 215-638-2498
Administrator: James Logan, MSS
Provides campus and community-based residential treatment and group homes to dependent/neglected and emotionally troubled boys between 10 and 21 years of age.

Group Homes:
Bouvier House, 3418 Bristol Pk.,
Bensalem 19020
Drexel House, 3406 Bristol Pk.,
Bensalem 19020 
Guardian Angel, 157 N. Carpenter Ln,,
Philadelphia, PA 19144 
St. Joseph’s Hall, 477 Locust Ave.,
Philadelphia, PA 19144
McCarthy House, 3430 Bristol Pk.,
Bensalem 19020
McGlade House, 3424 Bristol Pk.,
Bensalem 19020
Morrell House, 3412 Bristol Pk.,
Bensalem 19020
Romero House, 3968 Bristol Pk.,
Bensalem, 19020

St. Gabriel’s System
Holy Family Center, 227 N. 18th St., Philadelphia 19103
Phone: 215-665-8777 Fax: 215-665-8821
Executive Director:
Joseph Lavoritano

St. Gabriel’s Hall
Box 7280, Audubon 19407
Phone: 215-247-2776, 610-666-7970 Fax: 610-666-1479
Director: Ralph F. Stinson, MSW
A residential facility for boys, 10-18 years of age, located in Montgomery County, with a capacity for 160 boys.

The Mitchell Program
Box 7280, Audubon 19407
Phone: 215-247-2776, 610-666-7970 Fax: 610-666-5769
Director: Anita Godshall, MSW
An intensive 120-day residential treatment program for delinquent male youth, focusing on farm-based education, followed by 6 months of community-based aftercare.

SGS Reintegration Services
Holy Family Center, 227 N. 18th St., Philadelphia 19103
Phone: 215-854-7103 Fax: 215-965-5711/5713
Director: James Foley, MSW
Phone: 215-247-2776 ext. 368
A community-based treatment program for delinquent youth transitioning from residential care into the community.

De La Salle Vocational
1265 Street Road, Bensalem 19020-4600
Phone: 215-464-0344 Fax: 215-638-3767
Director: Charles Gaus, MEd.
This is a day treatment program that serves 103 adolescent boys.

Conflict Management Program
Holy Family Center, 227 N. 18th St., Philadelphia 19103
Phone: 215-665-8777 Fax: 215-665-8821
Director: Bette Kennedy, MHS

Holy Family Center, 227 N. 18th St., Philadelphia 19103
Phone: 215-854-7103 Fax: 215-965-5711/5713
Director: Kendra Kubala, Psy.D
An18 month out-patient, adolescent sex offender treatment program for delinquent males and females.