Purpose of Meeting

To reflect on and discuss the mission of Jesus and the Church

Preparation for Meeting
  1. Reflect on Luke 4:14-21
  2. Read “Models of the Church”
  1. Prayer (20 minutes)(Prayer should include reflection/sharing on Luke 4:14-21)
  2. Education/Formation of Council (40 minutes) Discuss the “Models of the Church” article focusing on Reflection Question 2
  3. Break (15 minutes)
  4. Discussion
    • a. In small groups (20 minutes)Discuss what we understand theMission of Jesus and the Church to be
    • b. In the large group (20 minutes)Discuss what as a group we have come to understandabout the mission of the Church
  5. Announcements(10 minutes)
  6. Evaluation(5 minutes)
  7. Closing Prayer(5 minutes)