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Dental Plans (Options vary by location)

Your Dental Plan election is separate from your Medical Plan election. Depending on your location, you may have the option to choose one of four plans. The Dental Plan options include two dental maintenance organization plans (the Concordia Plus DHMO or the Aetna Dental DMO) and two preferred provider organization plans (the Concordia Flex PPO or the Aetna Dental PPO). If you elect coverage, you pay the full cost on a before-tax basis.


  • Concordia Plus DHMO—Each covered person chooses a Primary Dental Office that provides or arranges all eligible dental care. This option pays 100% for periodic exams, cleanings, and fluoride treatments. Reduced copayments apply to more complex procedures. See More Here
  • Concordia Flex PPO—This option pays the same percentage for In-Network and Out-ofNetwork services. However, if you use dentists in the extensive Advantage network, you will benefit from the lower negotiated rates, and you cannot be billed for charges above that amount. See More Here

Contact Info: CONCORDIA PLUS DHMO OR CONCORDIA FLEX PPO (Advantage network) P: 1.866.357.3304


  • Dental DMO—Benefits are paid only if your primary care dentist provides your care or gives you a referral to another Aetna network provider for specialized care. You may go directly to an Aetna network orthodontist without a referral from the primary care dentist. See More Here
  • Dental PPO—You may use the dentist of your choice. However, when you use a network provider, you get the advantage of the discount offered under the Plan, and your out-ofpocket costs are lower. When you use a non-network dentist, you pay a greater share of the cost, and the Plan discount is not available. See More Here

Contact Info: AETNA DMO OR PPO (PPO II network) P: 1.877.238.6200

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