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Eligibility and Enrolling

This section reviews who is eligible and how to enroll.


You may be eligible for the benefits highlighted in the Employee Benefits Guide if you are regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hours a week as a lay employee of a parish, incorporated agency, or other participating institution of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Benefit options and waiting periods vary by location. After you enroll, you may have to complete a waiting period before your Medical and Dental coverage begins. If you have questions about eligibility, contact the Benefit Coordinator at your location.

Note: You may change your elections during the annual enrollment period. During the year, you may make changes ONLY IF you have a Qualified Life Event as defined by IRS regulations (see Page 25). Dual Coverage—If you and your spouse both work for any Archdiocesan parish, agency, or other institution, only one of you may enroll your children. Also, you may not be covered as an Archdiocesan employee and as your spouse’s dependent at the same time.


If you enroll, your dependents also may be eligible for Medical, Dental, and Freestanding Vision coverage. Eligible dependents include your:

  • spouse (marriage certificate must be made available upon request);
  • unmarried dependent children under age 26 for Medical coverage (see Page 26 for details about extending coverage up to age 30); Dental coverage may continue up to age 19 (or 26 if a full-time student); and
  • unmarried handicapped children over age 26 if covered before age 26 and incapable of self-support (for Dental, age 19).

To be covered under the Cigna Voluntary Life or Voluntary AD&D programs, your spouse must be under age 70 and your eligible dependent children must be at least 14 days of age and dependent upon you for support. Other limits may apply to Critical Illness or Voluntary Accident insurance.

Newborns/Newly-Adopted—You must enroll new dependent children within 30 days. If you do not submit an Enrollment Form within 30 days, the delivery will be covered but any other expenses for the child will not be covered. The 30-day period starts at birth or the date you assume legal obligation for support in anticipation of adoption (whichever applies). If you do not submit an Enrollment Form within 30 days, you will have to wait until the next annual enrollment period to enroll the child.


You may be asked to contribute toward the cost of Medical coverage for you and your dependents. Your contributions, if any, are deducted before taxes are deducted (pre– tax)—that means tax savings for you. The required contribution varies by location, and you will be given information about your share of the cost when you enroll.

If you enroll for Dental, Freestanding Vision, or Voluntary Life/AD&D Insurance (Cigna) coverage for yourself, you pay the full cost on a pre-tax basis. If you enroll for Voluntary Whole Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Voluntary Accident, or Short-Term Disability (STD) coverage, you pay the full cost on a post-tax basis.


You enroll for benefits when you are first eligible. If you do not enroll within 30 days of becoming eligible, you must wait until the annual enrollment period. If you elect Voluntary Life or Voluntary AD&D coverage more than 30 days after becoming eligible, proof of good health will be required, even at annual enrollment periods. If you are waiving medical coverage during annual enrollment, you MUST return an enrollment form to certify that you have other medical coverage.