Amy Stoner, Director Of Catholic Social Services Community-Based And Housing And Homeless Services Division, Selected For Dedication Award By Real Alternatives

Catholic Social Services serves as a Real Alternatives service provider; CSS makes meaningful, life-affirming pregnancy and parenting support services available to pregnant women in need throughout the five-county Philadelphia area.

Amy Stoner, Director of Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Community-Based and Housing and Homeless Services Division, has been recognized by Real Alternatives with its Dedication Award. Real Alternatives is the non-profit, charitable organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that administers the Pennsylvania Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program.

Ms. Stoner received this award in recognition of her 26 years of dedicated support to the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program and to pregnant and parenting mothers across the five-county Philadelphia region. The distinction was bestowed at the recent Real Alternatives award conference in Harrisburg.

In reflecting on the award, Amy said, “I am truly humbled to have received this recognition. It has been a privilege and honor to partner with Real Alternatives and to have the opportunity to assist thousands of pregnant women throughout the years as a result of this partnership. We look forward to continuing this vital work and being a beacon of hope for so many.”

“For 26 years, Amy has been crucial in the success and growth of this first-of-its-kind taxpayer-funded program that brings life-affirming compassionate and caring support to women alone in an unexpected pregnancy,” said Kevin Bagatta, President and CEO of Real Alternatives.

Under her leadership, CSS has won 10 consecutive “Service Provider of the Year” awards from Real Alternatives for serving the most pregnant and parenting women in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Additionally, Ms. Stoner’s dedication to women, children, and the protection of life has been instrumental in the success of CSS’ Beautiful Beginnings Program. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021, 3,905 women across the five-county metropolitan area benefited from free and comprehensive support services through CSS’ Beautiful Beginnings program with CSS serving 1,877 pregnant clients and 2,028 clients who are the parents of newborns, infants, or young children.

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Real Alternatives is a government-funded program of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services that provides pregnancy and parenting support services to women facing unplanned, crisis pregnancies which empowers them to choose childbirth over abortion. For more information, please visit

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