Cardinal Justin Rigali Announces Year of the Priest

With these words, holy priests for a holy people, I am pleased to announce the observance of the Year of the Priest in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has called for this year of grace for the whole Church as a new opportunity for priests to grow in holiness and live more fully united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and for all the members of the Church to recall the essential role of priests among us and in society.

As Archbishop of Philadelphia, I invite everyone in the Archdiocese, all priests and all the faithful, in solidarity with our Holy Father, to observe the Year of the Priest as a splendid opportunity to reflect on the gift of the priesthood of Jesus shared with his priests.  This gift belongs to the whole Church and is for the whole Church.  I ask of you, sharers and benefactors of this gift from Jesus, to participate wholeheartedly in this Year of the Priest here in Philadelphia. 

May our observance of this Year of the Priest truly provide the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with holy priests for a holy people!