Remain in My Love 2018

Remain in My Love

Second Year: January to December 2018

Staff of Parishes, Schools and Institutions of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Renewing Our Mission of Pastoral Care of Married Couples and Families

In this year of the Remain in My Love initiative, staff of Parishes, Schools and Institutions of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will be invited to encounter the splendor of what Christ has revealed about marriage and family life through large and small group gatherings. It will be designed as an opportunity for growth and transformation among staff as well as mutual support, encouragement and discussion fueled by study materials, dynamic presentations, and beautiful videos.  

There are four parts to Remain in My Love for 2018:
More information about each of these parts is coming soon.

Part I. Pastor’s Guide and Family Survey Results
In early 2018, a Pastor’s Guide will be made available to pastors. The Guide will provide the organizational, theological and practical information for the pastor to lead his immediate staff in the second year of Remain in My Love.  Along with the Pastor’s Guide, the results from an Archdiocesan-wide survey of families will be released in January 2018.

Part II. Three Plenary Catechetical Sessions for Parish Staff
The Remain in My Love committee will arrange for three plenary catechetical sessions to be hosted during 2018.  These sessions will be an opportunity for parish staff to rediscover the splendor of the teachings of the Church on marriage and family as outlined in the Remain in My Love theological content.

Part III. CanaVox Small Study Groups
To encourage group discussion and continue the conversation in between the plenary catechetical sessions, parishes will be encouraged to launch CanaVox small groups among parish employees and volunteer leaders. Check out the 1-minute video below to get a glimpse of the spirit and purpose of CanaVox groups. More information is coming soon!

Part IV. Evaluation and Application
In summer 2018, parish leadership will meet together to evaluate current parish practices concerning Christian marriage and family life. They will also generate a plan to more strongly and intentionally minister to married couples and families.  

More information about each of these parts is coming soon.

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