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March 26, 2010


The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Celebrates Lenten Sacrifices of Students

On Monday, March 29 at 10:00 a.m., The Archdiocese of Philadelphia will recognize 13 Lenten All-Stars-students who were nominated by their schools for going above and beyond in their 40-day sacrifice. Mary E. Rochford, Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, will present 13 Archdiocesan students with certificates of recognition for demonstrating discipline and compassion for Jesus' ultimate sacrifice.

10:00 a.m.
Monday, March 29, 2010
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
222 North 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

The 13 students being honored as Lenten All-Stars are:

Shea Diehl, Third Grade
St. Ignatius of Antioch Parish School, Yardley, Bucks County
"Shea donated $100 from his First Communion money to the Haiti Relief efforts."

Jordyn Fregia, Kindergarten
Immaculate Conception Parish School, Levittown, Bucks County
"Jordyn gave up eating cookies and fighting with her brother. When asked about it she stated, 'I really love chocolate chip cookies and I wanted to do something nice for Jesus. I wanted to show my brother Jesus' love.'"

William Horsell, Sixth Grade
St. Monica Parish School, Berwyn, Chester County
"For Will, giving up all sweets for 40 days is a real sacrifice. He was tempted repeatedly throughout the Lenten Season with Valentine's Day parties and more."

Hailey McKay, Fourth Grade
St. Francis de Sales Parish School, Aston, Delaware County
"Hailey is accompanying her father to Fair Acres Assisted Living to visit the sick and give Communion. Hailey wanted to spend time with her father and cheer people up."

John Ellis, Sixth Grade
Our Lady of Fatima Parish School, Secane, Delaware County
"I gave up ketchup on my food, fighting with my brother and helping my grandmother because I wanted to get closer to Jesus."

Xander Rodriquez, Fourth Grade
St. Katharine of Siena, Wayne, Delaware County
"I just didn't feel as if I was doing enough by just giving up candy. So I decided to give my allowance instead."

Andrew O'Donnell, Seventh Grade
Epiphany of Our Lord Parish School, Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery County
"Andrew is saying the rosary daily in hopes that his learning disabled sister will talk."

Talia Bauder, Sixth Grade
St. Stanislaus Parish School, Lansdale, Montgomery County
"I want to come closer to Jesus. I am trying not to fight with my brother because my mom gets stressed about it. I'm going to give her a break and also do the dishes every night during Lent. I really wanted to try and get along better with my brother; I thought it would be a great time to rebuild our relationship."

Brigid Anders, Kindergarten
St. Francis Assisi School, Norristown, Montgomery County
"I gave up pretzels because they are my favorite thing to eat and because I love Jesus so much. He gave up his life, so it is easy for me to give up something I love."

Abby Schwenger and Mary Pappert, Fourth Grade
Norwood-Fontbonne Academy, Philadelphia County
"Both girls have given up their free time to raise over $400 for Haiti and Chile earthquake relief efforts."

Albert Tajaya, Sixth Grade
St. Nicholas of Tolentine Parish School, Philadelphia South
"Albert gave up his video army games for Lent. He wanted to see what it felt like to not play games and spend more time with his school work."

Angel Velazquez, Fifth Grade
St. Peter the Apostle School, Philadelphia South
"Angel wanted to give up soda for Lent to do something for Jesus. He truly shows his love for Jesus Christ."

Giovanna McKinley, First Grade
St. Mary Interparochial, Philadelphia South
"Giovanna gave up playing her DS. She played her DS every day and loved playing it. She said she wanted to make a hard sacrifice just like Jesus did."

Marissa Rosario, Seventh Grade
St. Cecilia Parish School, Philadelphia North
"Marissa has given up her favorites-Tastykakes and ice cream. Marissa understands that Jesus gave up so much for us because he loves us and wanted to demonstrate her love for him."

All Kindergarten Students
Maternity BVM Parish School, Philadelphia North
"The entire Kindergarten class at Maternity BVM has taken the unplugged challenge for Lent. Students are not using their Playstations, DS systems, Computers, etc. in order to do something special for Lent. When asked what students are doing instead of using these electronic devices responses have included: 'read the Bible,' 'became a role model for my sister,' 'painted,' and 'played a game with my sister.'

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Meredith Wilson
Communications Specialist

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