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January 19, 2010


Immaculate Conception, Queen of the Universe, St. Frances Cabrini and
St. Joseph the Worker Parish Schools Join Together

PHILADELPHIA, PA, January 19, 2010 ---- A new Regional Catholic School will form in Bucks County in September 2010. That according to a Steering Committee recommendation approved by Cardinal Justin Rigali in January 2010, and shared with faculty members, school families and parishioners this past weekend.

Reverend Monsignor Michael P. McCormac, Pastor of Saint Frances Cabrini Parish; Reverend Timothy F. O'Sullivan, Pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish; Reverend Michael F. Hennelly, Pastor of Queen of the Universe Parish and Reverend Donald G. Birch, Pastor of Saint Joseph the Worker Parish announced that their parish schools, which are within five miles of one another in Bucks County, will close in June 2010 to form the new Regional Catholic School.

The new school will be located at the site of the present Queen of the Universe school at 2477 Trenton Road in Levittown, Pa. and will be given a new name, to be announced at a later date.

In accepting the Steering Committee's recommendation, Cardinal Rigali said, "Our parish schools are the foundation of Catholic education in the diocese. Each offers a superior spiritual and 21st century academic education, but the reality of declining enrollment and increasing costs has affected their ability to provide an affordable Catholic education. Therefore, action must be taken. Although I recognize the pain felt by the community with the loss of each individual school, the formation of a Regional Catholic School is an exciting opportunity that allows parishes to pool resources to provide an excellent, quality Catholic education."

The decision to begin a formal study of the existing schools came as a result of a desire to strengthen the existing academic program as well as to plan for the education of future generations. The Steering Committee consisted of pastors, principals and lay representatives from each parish involved in the school study, and began meeting in March 2009 to explore the possibility of forming a Regional Catholic School. Members carefully considered many factors including demographics, enrollment, costs and facilities before reaching their final, unanimous recommendation.

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Regional Vicar, Monsignor Joseph P. Duncan, and the pastors, Monsignor McCormac, Father O'Sullivan, Father Hennelly, and Father Birch, as well as the four principals and the other members of the Steering Committee and members of the four School Study Committees, who have been diligent throughout this planning process and committed to doing what is best for the parishes and the children in their care," said Cardinal Rigali.

Cardinal Rigali has asked the staff of the Office of Catholic Education to assist parents, students and faculty of the four parishes in making the transition as smooth as possible.


Donna Farrell
Director of Communications

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