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November 7, 2002


The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Nutritional Development Services (NDS) serves lunch to over 10,000 children daily through the Hot Lunch Program. For the new school year, NDS adds four schools to the program and now provides meals at 70 Catholic elementary schools and 11 charter schools. The Hot Lunch consists of an entree, served with a fruit or vegetable, bread and a half-pint of milk.

Saint Mary of the Assumption Parish Elementary School in Philadelphia joined the Hot Lunch Program in September. The new principal at the school, Sister Denise Ware, S.F.C.C., said "My first question when I arrived was ‘Why not have the Hot Lunch Program?' The school lunch program is the best option for children and I think Nutritional Development Services offers a great meal." The meal provides each child with one-third of their recommended daily allowance for major nutrients and calories. Ms. Janet Lazorcheck, principal of Saint Teresa of Avila in Norristown, Montgomery County said, "The program has been very successful right from the outset. The students like the variety and the parents like the fact that it is a balanced meal."

The four new schools for the Hot Lunch Program are:
Mother of Divine Grace
2612 East Monmouth Street, Philadelphia

Saint Mary of the Assumption
171Conarroe Street, Philadelphia

Sacred Heart
203 Church Road, Oxford, Chester County

Saint Teresa of Avila
2550 S. Parkview Dr., Norristown, Montgomery County

The principal of Mother of Divine Grace Parish Elementary School in Philadelphia, Ms. Jane White, said, "The students and parents have been raving about the food that is served daily. The parents are grateful for the nutritious food that is available to their children and the children are happy with the selection." Ms. Kathy McCabe, the principal of the new Sacred Heart Parish Elementary School which opened in Oxford, Chester County in September agreed, "Parents like the convenience, the nutritional value and the affordable price."

To help students make healthy food choices, Nutritional Development Services works hard to teach the message about proper nutrition to students. Nutrition educators visit participating schools and encourage the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables and milk. The cost of a full price lunch is $1.50. Based upon the family's income, a child may be eligible for a reduced price (40 cents) or free lunch. For more information about participating in the Hot Lunch Program, please contact Archdiocese of Philadelphia Nutritional Development Services at (215)895-3470.

Donna Farrell
Broadcast and Media Specialist

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