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October 10, 2001

OCTOBER 15-19, 2001

National Lunch Week takes place across the United States during the week of October 15 - 19, 2001. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Nutritional Development Services (NDS) administers the National Lunch Program in over 92 Catholic elementary and charter schools. NDS serves lunch to over 10,000 children daily. The hot lunch consists of an entree, served with a fruit or vegetable, bread and a half-pint of milk. The meal provides each child with one-third of their recommended daily allowance for nutrients and calories.

The National School Lunch Program, funded by the United States Department of Agriculture, operates in more than 93,000 public and non-profit private schools, serving more than 26 million children each day.

"The importance of healthy eating can not be overstated," said Bonnie Baehr, administrator of Child Nutrition Programs for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. "We all know that hungry children cannot learn. ‘Hunger' does not necessarily equate with poverty. Sometimes it is a case of poor eating habits. These can affect a child's quality of life as an adult and can only be overcome by the provision of balanced meals and nutrition education tools."

To help students make healthy food choices, NDS works hard to teach the message about proper nutrition to students. With the help of a grant from the USDA, nutrition educators visit participating schools and encourage the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables and milk.

For more information about participating in the National School Lunch Program, contact Archdiocese of Philadelphia Nutritional Development Services at (215)895-3470.


Donna Farrell
Broadcast and Media Specialist

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