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October 20, 1999


The Archdiocese of Philadelphia will publish a Municipal Candidates Questionnaire (Voters Guide) October 21, 1999, in the Archdiocesan newspaper, The Catholic Standard and Times. The Candidates Questionnaire also will be available on the Archdiocesan web site, at The Questionnaire is a follow up to the Candidates Questionnaire the Archdiocese published before the primary election in May. The Candidates Questionnaire will include responses to specific questions asked of Philadelphia mayoral candidates, At-Large City Council candidates, and District City Council candidates.

The majority of candidates, including all three mayoral candidates, offered responses to questions covering a wide range of moral issues, including education, "same-sex" marriage, needle-exchange programs, and abortion. The process of soliciting responses, compiling and distributing the Candidates Questionnaire is consistent with what the Archdiocese has done with previous Candidates Questionnaire.

The general election will be held November 2, 1999. The Candidates Questionnaire will be sent to subscribers to The Catholic Standard and Times, as well as being made available to the pastors of each of the 120 parishes in the city of Philadelphia.


Editor's Note: Reporters wishing to obtain a copy of the Candidates Questionnaire should contact the Office for Communications at 215-587-3747.

John Miller
Broadcast and Media Specialist

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