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September 27, 1999


Reverend John Zagarella, O.Praem., president of Saint John Neumann High School announces that the school has met the $2 million "challenge gift" offered by an anonymous graduate of Southeast Catholic High School (now Saint John Neumann High School). A "challenge gift" means that the school is required to raise $2million before it is matched.

Father Zagarella stated, "This has been an amazing experience. This monumental achievement was definitely the result of combined efforts, prayer and the unbelievable generosity of so many people. I have learned just how many generous friends we have here at Neumann, and how the legacy of so many who graduated from Southeast Catholic, Bishop Neumann, and Saint John Neumann High School will continue well into the 21st century because of the success of this campaign! We now look forward to receiving our matching gift."

In the fall of 1998 officials of the school launched a fund raising campaign through the efforts of their faithful alumni and friends to raise the necessary $2 million. In order to receive the matching gift, the challenge had to be met by September 30, 1999. At the end of the day on September 24th, the grand total for monies raised was $2,044,933.20.

The monies will be used for scholarships and financial aid which will help students attend Saint John Neumann High School and for technological advancements, to keep Saint John Neumann High School on the cutting edge of technology.

Father Zagarella commented, "I have never been more conscious of the Lord's guiding hand than during this year. It is clear that He heard our prayer and responded with abundant blessings!"

Saint John Neumann High School was founded in 1934 as Southeast Catholic High School. The name changed to Bishop Neumann High School in 1955, then changed to Saint John Neumann High School in 1978. Neumann is an Archdiocesan high school for boys, located at 26th and Moore Streets, in South Philadelphia. For more information, contact Fr. John Zagarella at 215-389-4900.

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Marie Kelly
Associate Director

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