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December 21, 1998


In a letter dated December 2, 1998, sent to Rev. Msgr. John Bartos, Regional Vicar for Bucks County, Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, Archbishop of Philadelphia, accepted the Cluster Pastoral Plan for Cluster 29, and commended the pastors and all who served on the Cluster Pastoral Planning Committee.

The six parishes of Cluster 29 are:

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Hilltown
St. Agnes, Sellersville
St. Isidore, Quakertown
St. John the Baptist, Ottsville
St. Jude, Chalfont
St. Lawrence, Riegelsville

Cluster 29's plan centers on these objectives:

1) Provide a ministries training program--This goal calls for the formation of a Ministry Training Committee, consisting of one person per parish, by the fall of 1999. This committee will define specific ministries, and assure a professional, spiritual program.

2) Develop young adult/adult religious education program--This goal calls for the establishment of an Education Committee by the fall of 1999, to build upon existing parish programs aimed at young adults and adults.

3) Expand youth programs--This goal calls for the hiring of a youth minister by September 1, 1999, to initiate comprehensive, effective youth programs.

4) Strengthen inter-parish communications--This goal calls for the sharing of information of interest to all parishes in the cluster on a continuing basis.

5) Support evangelization programs for active and inactive Catholics--This goal calls for encouraging active Catholics to participate in the Church, and to reach out to inactive Catholics to bring them back to the Church.

6) Nourish the spiritual life of families--This goal calls for the exploration of a wide range of spiritual programs for families and individuals.


Editor's Note: Media inquiries should be directed to Rev. Msgr. John Bartos, at 215-957-1525.

John Miller
Broadcast and Media Specialist

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