St. Genevieve

Pastoral Planning Area: 420
Deanery: 7
Founded: 1953
Address: 1225 Bethlehem Pk., Flourtown 19031-1902
Phone: 215-836-2828
Pastor: Rev. Kevin T. Mulligan
In Residence: Rev. Carl F. Janicki, Rev. John T. Lyons
Permanent Deacons: Deacon Michael G. Conroy
Other Parish Information:

Parish Business Manager: Greg Garrison
Coordinator of Religious Education: Joan Dierkes (
Phone: 215-233-8934
Parish Services Director: Deacon Michael G. Conroy (
Phone: 215-836-2828

Mass Times: Vigil Mass, Saturdays, 5 PM. Sundays, 7:30, 8:45, 10:15, 11:45 AM; 5 PM. Holydays Vigil Mass, 5:30 PM. Holydays, 6:30, 8 AM. Weekdays, 6:30 AM (Tuesdays and Wednesdays only, from September to June), 8 AM (Monday through Friday).
Confessions: Saturdays, 3:30-4:30 PM. By appointment.
Students Attend:

1237 Bethlehem Pk., Flourtown 19031

School Principal: Sr. Theresa Maugle, S.S.J.
Accessibility Information:

Church and Meeting Room: Accessible entrances, parking, curb cuts and ramps to accessible entrances and restroom facilities adapted for wheelchair users for at least one meeting room.

Church: Accessible entrances, curb cuts, ramps and parking near accessible entrances for churches with parking lots. Sufficiently wide and level approach or gradually sloping ramp to door; doorway wider than 32 inches, with automatic door or one that is easily opened with minimum pressure or usher assistance; parking spaces large enough to accommodate vans with access aisle for discharge on either side of van; parking spaces designated with proper signage.

Church Restroom: Facilities adapted for wheelchair users. Restroom has proper door size, enlarged stall, grab bars, clearance space, accessible fixtures and sink.

Parish Meeting Room/Hall: Church and meeting room are accessible with an accessible restroom.


From Stenton Ave. at Paper Mill Rd. to Sheaf La.; to Skippack Pk.; to Bethlehem Pk.; to Church Rd.; to Rt. 309; to Willow Grove Ave.; to Church Rd.; to Waverly Rd.; to Cheltenham Ave.; to Ivy Hill Rd.; to Stenton Ave.; to Willow Grove Ave.; to Ardmore Ave.; to Gravers La. (extended); to Hull Rd.; to Patton Rd.; to Cheltenham Ave.; to Paper Mill Rd.; to Stenton Ave.

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