St. Genevieve

Pastoral Planning Area: 420
Deanery: 7
Founded: 1953
Address: 1225 Bethlehem Pk., Flourtown 19031-1902
Phone: 215-836-2828
Pastor: Rev. Kevin Mulligan
In Residence: Rev. Carl F. Janicki, Rev. John T. Lyons
Permanent Deacons: Deacon Michael G. Conroy
Other Parish Information:

Parish Business Manager: Greg Garrison
Coordinator of Religious Education: Joan Dierkes (
Phone: 215-233-8934
Parish Services Director: Deacon Michael G. Conroy (
Phone: 215-836-2828

Mass Times: Vigil Mass, Saturdays, 5 PM. Sundays, 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 AM, Noon; 5 PM. Vigil Mass, Holydays: 7:00 PM. Holydays, 6:30, 8 AM, 7 PM. Weekdays, 6:30 AM (Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from September to May), 8 AM (Monday through Friday).
Confessions: Saturdays, 3:30-4:30 PM.
Students Attend:

1237 Bethlehem Pk., Flourtown 19031

School Principal: Sr. Theresa Maugle, S.S.J.
Accessibility Information:

Church and Meeting Room: Church and meeting room are accessible with an accessible restroom.

Church: Accessible entrances, curb cuts, ramps and parking near accessible entrances for churches with parking lots. Sufficiently wide and level approach or gradually sloping ramp to door; doorway wider than 32 inches, with automatic door or one that is easily opened with minimum pressure or usher assistance; parking spaces large enough to accommodate vans with access aisle for discharge on either side of van; parking spaces designated with proper signage.

Church Restroom: Facilities adapted for wheelchair users. Restroom has proper door size, enlarged stall, grab bars, clearance space, accessible fixtures and sink.

Parish Meeting Room/Hall: Accessible entrances, parking, curb cuts and ramps to accessible entrances and restroom facilities adapted for wheelchair users for at least one meeting room.


From Stenton Ave. at Paper Mill Rd. to Sheaf La.; to Skippack Pk.; to Bethlehem Pk.; to Church Rd.; to Rt. 309; to Willow Grove Ave.; to Church Rd.; to Waverly Rd.; to Cheltenham Ave.; to Ivy Hill Rd.; to Stenton Ave.; to Willow Grove Ave.; to Ardmore Ave.; to Gravers La. (extended); to Hull Rd.; to Patton Rd.; to Cheltenham Ave.; to Paper Mill Rd.; to Stenton Ave.

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