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Secretariat for Evangelization

American Sign Language Interpreters

Interpreters for Archdiocesan and Parish Events: The Deaf Apostolate assists parishes, schools and Catholic Institutions in providing interpreting services for Sacraments, funerals, parent meetings and other parish religious events. The department coordinates a regular schedule of Interpreted Masses. ASL interpreting provides communication access for Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing individuals and enables the Parish Community to have access to communication with individuals who use American Sign Language.  Religious interpreter training and support is offered to interpreters.  To request an interpreter contact the Deaf Apostolate at 215-587-3913 or click the link below.

Online Request for an Interpreter
Request an Interpreter Printable Form
Interpreted Event Information Form
Interpreting for Catholic Funerals
Archdiocesan ASL Interpreting Guidelines
Financial Times Article – Why Use an ASL Interpreter

New Translation of the
Roman Missal Resources

ASL Boston Study Group Introduction Video
Meet the collaborators including Sr. Kathleen from Philadelphia 

ASL Boston Study Group ASL Translation of Mass Prayers
View the New Translation signed by Fr. Mike Depcik and
Fr. Shawn Carey

The New Translation of the Creed in ASL

Archdiocese of Washington DC Interpreter Training Videos

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