Remain in My Love

CanaVox Small Reading Groups

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is partnering with CanaVox to provide small reading and discussion groups on the most pressing issues concerning marriage and family life.  In these groups, participants will gather to explore and discuss the truths of the Catholic faith and natural law concerning marriage. To learn more, click here.  

The readings for each session address the problems our marriage culture faces, but also provide solutions and hope.  Readings for each small group session can be found below. (Lecturas en español)


Kickoff Meeting

Session 1: On the Meaning of Marriage 

Optional: Ryan Anderson for FOCUS, “ What is Marriage? Part 1” (a  22 minute video version of the chapter above)

Session 2: Marital Love 

Session 3: Contraception and NFP

Optional“Natural Family Planning: the Best Worst Thing Ever” (6 minute video)

Session 4: The Hook Up Culture 

Session 5: Cohabitation

Optional: Katrina Fernandez, “Cohabitation is a Smack in the Face.”  

Optional for Priests and Parish Ministers: John and Teri Bosio, Cohabitation Before Marriage: Ministering to Couples Who Are Living Together

Session 6: Divorce

Session 7: The Importance of Fatherhood

Session 8: Pornography

Optional Readings for Specific Target Audiences: 
(To be assigned at the local reading group leader’s discretion so as to customize the session according to participants’ specific interests. The local leader should pick one or two essays maximum from the list below so as to keep the readings manageable for a 1 hour discussion. Thank you.)

Session 9: Compassionate Solutions to Infertility: NaPro Technology and the Health Risks of IVF


Session 10:  Understanding and Loving those with Same Sex Attraction


Session 11: Transgender Identity 

Session 12: Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting

(Required) Readings 1 and 2: 

Pick One for Reading 3: 

(Required) Reading 4:

(Optional) Reading 5:

  • Dr. Jacqueline C. Rivers, Marriage and the Black Family (On the importance of one-man-one-woman marriage for the Black American community and its children; 14-min video.)