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Archdiocese of Philadelphia Celebrates 200 years

Bicentennial Moments
     •October 2007
     •November 2007
     •December 2007
     •January 2008
     •February 2008
     •March 2008
     •April 2008

See the Goodness
     • Jordan Sanjaya
     • Tricia Cellucci
     • Matt Johnston
     • Bob and Mary O'Connell
     • Stan Faison
     • Kwami Burke
     • Wanda Kramer
     • Wanda Keitt

A Plenary Indulgence for the Bicentennial Year

Bicentennial Proclamation – Cardinal Justin Rigali issues this formal proclamation of the 200th Anniversary of the Church of Philadelphia. English | Spanish | Vietnamese

Watch Cardinal Rigali's press conference

Bicentennial Calendar of Events - Read the about events in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia throughout the Bicentennial Year.

Bicentennial News
Bell Ringing Highlights
Pardon and Peace Bulletin Insert
Pardon and Peace Logo
Bicentennial Concert Video
Amazing Race for Grace Video
Catholic School Students in Concert at Kimmel Center
Major Bicentennial Event - Amazing Race for Grace - Thousands Expected to Attend
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Celebrates A Bicentennial Back to School
More Than 300 Young Musicians Gather for Bicentennial Concert Music Camp
Cardinal Rigali - Plenary Indulgences Granted During the 200th Year of the Church in Philadelphia - from the Catholic Standard & Times, May 24, 2007.
Mass in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception during the Archdiocesan Pilgrimage
Archdiocese Departs for Pilgrimage to Washington, D.C.
Bicentennial: Plenary indulgence offered - from the Catholic Standard & Times,
April 26, 2007

Cardinal Rigali to Read Bicentennial Proclamation on Easter Sunday
Cardinal Rigali Announces Bicentennial of the Church of Philadelphia
Cardinal Rigali to Hold News Conference to Announce Plans for the 200th Anniversary of the Church of Philadelphia
Archdiocese Prepares for Bicentennial 400 Young Musicians Gather for Bicentennial Concert Rehearsal
Archdiocese Prepares for Bicentennial
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Announces Logo Winner for Bicentennial
Celebrate Our Bicentennial - from the Catholic Standard & Times, October 26, 2006

History of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Other Dioceses Celebrating their 200th Anniversary:
Archdiocese of Boston
Archdiocese of Louisville
Archdiocese of New York

Please bookmark this page and visit frequently for more updated information about the 200th Anniversary of the Church of Philadelphia. Questions about the Bicentennial? Email us ~

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