PLEASE NOTE: The availability of all items at any given time cannot be guaranteed. For confirmation of specific items, please contact Ed Rafferty at

Sanctuary Furnishings

Our inventory of sanctuary furnishings includes but is not limited to reredos, altars, altar linens, lectern coverings and other specific needs such as funeral palls and altar frontals.


General Church Furnishings

The Exchange carries an assortment of church furnishings, including stations of the cross, votive candle stands, holy water fonts and much more.  Our inventory includes a variety of styles and sizes.


Sacred Vessels

The Exchange carries a range of sacred vessels, including chalices, patens, ciboria, monstrances, and more.  Our sacred vessels come in a variety of styles.


Stained Glass Windows

Our beautiful and historic Stained Glass collection can be acquired through the Ecclesiastical Exchange.  Please contact Beyer Studios at 215-848-3502 or visit their website at for more information.



Our inventory includes an extensive variety of statuary.  Crucifixes, statues of Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and many saints can be found.  These items come in a range of sizes, styles, and compositions.



The Exchange vestment collection includes chasubles, dalmatics, stoles, copes, albs and more. Concelebration sets, at times, are also available.











Ecclesiastical Exchange Gift Certificates are available. For more information, please contact the office.