In 1992, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia established the Office for the Ecclesiastical Exchange (the Exchange) to ensure that sacred objects from closed parishes and other entities related to the Archdiocese would be appropriately removed, cataloged, stored, and preserved in a secure fashion. In addition, it was charged with responsibility for placement of those same sacred objects within an appropriate liturgical setting. As such, it only permits Catholic clergy, religious, or their authorized representatives to make purchases from its inventory.

The service provided by the Exchange over the course of more than 25 years has proven valuable to pastors locally and has benefitted many Church projects around the country, including some cathedrals.

In 2016, after careful study and consideration, the Archdiocese initiated an RFP process to solicit proposals from independent, qualified companies to carry on the work of the Exchange through an outsourcing agreement. As a result of this process, the committee selected Henninger’, Inc. as the provider.

Founded in 1921, Henninger’s, Inc. (Henninger’s) is a family run business headquartered in the Cleveland suburb of Brook Park, Ohio. Since its formation, the company has specialized in religious goods, liturgical items, and clerical attire for the Catholic Community. When the Diocese of Cleveland closed and merged 50 parishes in 2009, it elected to work directly with Henninger’s to inventory, remove, store, and appropriately market the sacred items from those parishes, creating and maintain the website to do so. Since that time, Henninger’s has provided similar services for other Latin Rite diocese including Stubenville, Toledo, and Youngstown. Henninger’s also specializes in church renovation and design in addition to their marketing and selling of used items from various dioceses. For additional information regarding Henninger’s please visit

Under the auspices of Henninger’s Inc., the Ecclesiastical Exchange continues with its Mission to place items in appropriate, respectful settings and provide others the opportunity to share in our vision of stewardship.

The former Don Guanella Village is now home to the Ecclesiastical Exchange and its inventory.

The Servants Center (former Don Guanella Village – Cardinal Kroll Center Building)
1797 Sproul Rd.
Springfield, PA 19064.

At present, hours are by appointment or by chance. You are welcome to email Ed Rafferty at, for your appointment, questions or for more information.

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