Office for Parish Service and Support > Parish Mission Statements > Development A Parish Mission Statement > Meeting 2

Purpose of Meeting

To reflect on and discuss the Archdiocesan Mission Statement

Preparation for Meeting
  1. Reflect on Matthew 5:14-16
  2. Read Archdiocesan Mission Statement
  1. Prayer (20 minutes)
  2. (Prayer should include reflection and sharing on Matt. 5:14-16)

  3. Education/Formation of Council (45 minutes)Discuss what does the Archdiocesan Mission Statement say to  us about:
    • a. Who we are as a Church?
    • b. What we value as a Church?
    • c. What we seek to become as a faith community?
  4. Break (15 minutes)
  5. Discussion (35 minutes)
  6. What does our discussion on the Archdiocesan Mission Statement tell us about the mission of our parish community?

  7. Announcements (10 minutes)
  8. Evaluation (5 minutes)
  9. Closing Prayer (5 minutes)