Staff also includes volunteers, who in some parishes assume major responsibility where there is no paid staff other than the pastor.

Use a scale of 0-3 (0 means nothing happens; 1 means that the item described happens occasionally and that the quality is minimal; 2 means the item described happens with some regularity with average quality; 3 means that the item described happens regularly and the quality of the communication is very good).

Staff-Pastoral Council-Parishioner Communication

0 1 2 3   Pastoral Council minutes are summarized in the parish bulletin and posted for all to see
0 1 2 3   There is a method developed for pastoral council to receive input from parishioners
0 1 2 3   Pastoral Council and staff have focus groups of parishioners regarding major issues facing the parish
0 1 2 3   Pastoral Council and parish staff  regularly put out a parish newsletter
0 1 2 3   The bulletin is used regularly for communication
0 1 2 3   Where feasible, pulpit announcements are employed to alert parishioners to needs and important parish issues
0 1 2 3   The needs of the parishioners are regularly assessed in a variety of ways (questionnaires, focus groups, small groups meeting for “coffee”, town hall meetings)
0 1 2 3   The parish communicates regularly with other organizations in the neighborhood and community

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