Staff also includes volunteers, who in some parishes assume major responsibility where there is no paid staff other than the pastor.

Use a scale of 0-3 (0 means nothing happens; 1 means that the item described happens occasionally and that the quality is minimal; 2 means the item described happens with some regularity with average quality; 3 means that the item described happens regularly and the quality of the communication is very good).


Staff Communication:

0 1 2 3   Meetings have prayer, agendas, minutes, etc.
0 1 2 3   Staff calendars are shared
0 1 2 3   Staff planning takes place among members (DRE, liturgist, etc.)
0 1 2 3   Staff meet regularly with parishioner groups to plan
0 1 2 3   Staff engage in faith sharing together
0 1 2 3   Staff share meals together
0 1 2 3   Staff share memos as needed
0 1 2 3   Parish has a common calendar for parish events

Summarize your findings: 

Where is staff communication the strongest?

Where is it the weakest?

Tentative recommendations about improving communication among staff:

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